THe Lions Club of Burnham were pleased to submit a team of seven Lions and Young People for this annual event. It was held at Windsor Leisure Centre on 28th October 2012.

The event was organised by Lions Club of Windsor and the Windsor Leisure Centre. Teams of 6 - 8 swam lengths of the pool for 55 minutes.

Our team swam 41 lengths in the time and raised an estimated 760.


Burnham Lions and Youth Club swimathon team 2012

Burnham Lions and Youth Club Swimathon team 2012.

(left to right) Lion Phil, Lion Helen, Leah, Jessica (front), Tyler, Callium, and Stuart


Swimathon at Windsor Leisure Centre 28th October 2012

Other teams taking part in the  Swimathon at the Windsor Leisure Centre

Lion Helen adding another length to the total

Lion Helen notching up another length onto the team total


2011 Swimathon Tream on the pool 

2011 Swimathon Tream on the pool