A "Message in a Bottle"  could save your life.


The Lions  Clubs were proud to introduce this project locally and more than 40,000 bottles have so far been distributed free to the end users in this area thanks to the support of our sponsors.

The idea is a simple but effective one.  The bottle contains details of prescriptions, next of kin, doctor's address, any pets etc. and it is kept in the fridge at home.  The pack contains two small stickers, one of which goes inside the main door of the home and the other on the outside of the fridge door.

In the unfortunate event of the emergency services having to be called to your home they can quickly find essential information. This can speed up treatment, find a contact number and ensure pets  are cared for in an emergency.

The bottles are free and may be collected for personal use or for carers from the Burnham Health Centre, Minniecroft Road, Burnham SL1 7DE. They are also available at most pharmacies, doctor's  surgeries etc., but contact Burnham Lions Club for bulk supplies or for further advice.

Contact Burnham Lions through this web site or phone our secretary on 03458 339508