Santa in his Sleigh at night

Here is where Santa and his sleigh will be collecting around Burnham/ Taplow and Stoke Poges, 4 to 6pm

Saturday 9th December

North Burnham Route

Route: Wymers Wood Rd, Willow Wood Close, Oxford Avenue, Cambridge Avenue, Redwood Road, Ashcroft Court, Pink Lane.

Sunday 10th December

Burnham Route

Route: Chiltern Road, Wethered Drive, Wendover Road, Southfield Gardens, Aldbourne Rd, Milner Road.

Saturday 16th December

Taplow Route

Route: Conway Road (including Barr's Road) and Nursery Road (including Briar Close). Hag Hill Lane, Hag Hill Rise.

Sunday 17th December

Stoke Poges Route

Route: Vine Road, top part Hazell Way, Elderfield Road, Wakefield Crescent, Duffield Lane to bottom part Hazell Way, Bunby Road.